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     Support Servants of the Kingdom As a faith-based organization, we have an ongoing need for both prayer and financial support; we know that God responds to prayer. We have listed several specific areas that we request prayer to be focused on. While we know that God has an agenda for us to fulfill, we also recognize that prayer is one of the key factors to help us find and fulfill His agenda. The specific areas for which we request prayer are as follows:

  1. For the protection of Kingdom Servants. Because we are involved in taking back territory that the satanic kingdom has had control of, our work will not go uncontested. Both our missionaries and ministry as a whole will be severely challenged at times.
  2. Fruit. That our desire to live as servants of our Lord will produce an abundance of fruit for the Kingdom of God.
  3. Continuous Revelation. Because our ministry philosophy is based on revelation rather than trying to meet all of the needs we see, it is important both individually and corporately that we be able to hear and understand all that the Holy Spirit desires to communicate with us.
  4. Recruitment of Servants. We ask for prayer for everyone that God desires to join with us. We pray that they find us—that our work is not impeded in any way because of lack of “Servants.” The satanic kingdom will naturally try to limit our work, by keeping those who should be with us away. Because Kingdom Servants coming from the West are required to raise their own support, it is also important to pray that God assists them in raising money.
  5. Financial Support. Because we are not part of a denominational church where there is a budget for missions work, we rely entirely on contributions from individuals, churches and other organizations to support our work. Please pray that God’s perfect will, will be executed in respect to financial support.

     We are a faith-based ministry, relying on God to bring individuals, churches and organizations to support our work financially. We have three normal methods that can be used to support us: check, credit card (through our contract with Paypal) and a direct wire to our bank. In addition to the above there are two other less-used methods that can help us while offering some tax incentives to the donor.

  1. Gifts. Often there are tax advantages in giving assets at market value to non-profit corporations. A transfer of assets (stocks, bonds, land or other goods) may offer tax advantages over and above making a normal contribution
  2. Planned Giving. This is one of the remarkable ways that the United States government assists those who want to give an enduring legacy to tax free organizations.

     If you feel called to support us in prayer or financially, we would appreciate it if you would complete the basic information below. We are very grateful for those whom God has brought to help us and would appreciate if you could let us understand the basis for your support in the “comments” section. Also, if you are going through any particular difficulties at this time, we would appreciate your letting us know so that we may pray for you as well.

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