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Essential Knowledge, Volume One
Key Foundational Laws and Principles of the Christian Faith, by Jim Hooker


The following text is taken from the Introduction:

The foundational truths and principles that are illuminated in this first volume are what I consider to be the backbone of Christian faith, the divine substance that literally opens the heavens and allows man to enter into God's presence. These essential truths, illuminated in this book, can be divided into three general categories: knowledge about God, the perplexing world in which we live and God's design for human behavior. While this book addresses the last category as a priority, we need to understand that it is inextricably tied to knowledge about God and the world in which we live.

Because many of God's most important truths and principles are paradoxical in nature and unnatural to human reasoning, "winging it" is not a viable option for a Christian, though many have naively adopted this approach. Even those who may possess above-normal intelligence and reasoning ability, will fail to understand many of God's most important and profound truths because of the simple fact that they are illogical to human reasoning.

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Format: Paperback, 528 pages
Publisher: Eden House Publishing, Feb. 2007
ISBN-10: 0-9787403-0-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787403-0-6


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